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Only the Curious Have Something to Find June 18, 2009

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I’m taken recently by a Nickelcreek song. Their line, ‘only the curious have something to find’, caught my attention. I agree. I’m a most curious woman. And, in that I’m a proponent of the power of intention, believing we attract what we focus upon, I love the magnitude of that line. I’m also reminded of a dialogue I had with a former bookkeeper of mine. Her name, (I’ll make one up to protect the innocent). (I stole that crossing out notion from my biz coach and friend, Brian Cork). …protect the ‘hapless’ is more correct….she had a name, we’ll call her ‘Mirth’ though she was far from any ‘mirth’ I’ve known. A real peach this one.

‘Mirth’ eagerly entered my office one morning, (a rare state for her indeed) pronouncing her urgent desire for us to gather together all my employees to announce their NEED to purchase a certain insurance (a rider to any main insurance), she’d heard of which would pay a special amount for ‘when we had an accident.’ I’d never seen her eyes so fully open and her stance so sure and insistent. I pondered a moment,

‘For when we have an accident?’ I looked directly into Mirth’s cloudy gray eyes and said, ‘I don’t live my life with that attitude, ‘when I have an accident.’ If I intend that, I’ll attract that very thing. I’d rather focus on the good things coming my way. But thank you Mirth, it’s just not my philosophy or one which I embrace for my company. Thank you for thinking of us all though.’

She walked out of my office with her normal stoop.

The next day she wasn’t present at her appointed hour. Shortly after 9am I received a call that Mirth was walking her dogs the night before and got caught up in their leashes and fell over when the dogs bolted forward, dragging her up the street awhile, breaking a tooth, badly skinning a knee and creating a rather nasty deep cut on her forehead, one in which nurses needed to extract small stones from the street she fell upon.

Damn. I hope she had that special rider insurance for when she was ‘going to have an accident’.

Be careful the thoughts you think…better make em good ones. Then wait for the magic is my thinking! I have a choice….why not?

My pick today….Nickelcreek’s ‘This Side’

Don’t forget where your TRUE home is!!

Here’s to living better and HEY, really enjoying your life!

BB Webb