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My Earth Experience to date…. June 14, 2009

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The love we have for ourselves is what we offer to others.  I like that.  I feel it is true. Our culture does not prescribe sitting in quietude as a practice, a way to connect to what I call our ‘higher’ self, the one who knows so much more than our limited human self. 

When I sit, shoo away my gnat like thoughts jousting for position, I hear things I would otherwise miss. It’s not a hearing with my mind; this listening and hearing is different, it is brought to me through HI DEF universal speakers of some sort.  The sound waves come through all my pores but target especially close to my heart.  When they come in they aren’t harsh, I needn’t adjust the treble or bass or volume, though if I have too many mind-y thoughts flying about, I miss these gems come in through the ether.  You need quiet to hear your higher self speak.  She whispers to me, like a lover with his soft tones, the sort that make you both shiver and melt feeling loved, nurtured and cared for just because, just because you should be. 

But we aren’t trained in this sort of listening, not with the tv and computer pulling us to their noisy stations, email chiming in from our BlackBerrys, the radio sounding its loud ads and chattery songs, friends or clients in and out visiting, endless calls on the telephone, our pull to text every 5 minutes.  This limits our ability to listen.  In fact, most people get nervous in this sort of quiet.  We’re used to filling the quiet, thinking it is emptiness.  Listening is key to growth. 

I’ve spend most of my life living alone and in the company of myself.  Don’t get me wrong, I have friends, colleagues, am a quite affable sort, but I prefer a good measure of time alone.  I don’t always fill it well; I bend toward loneliness in moments, I too am prone to allowing too much interference in and miss the whispers, the love songs which might grace me with guidance, reminders of my true nature, that I am loved just cause, capable beyond compare.  I’m finding when I DO listen, that the messages coming in are specific.  You will hear the truth if you listen.  And you’ll resist it often, but that’s okay.  This life is a playground of free choice, trial and error. 

Part One….more to come around this earth experience.   In the meantime….

Here’s to finding the joy.  BB Webb